Operating System and Software: A firm push on the back of the LCD will cause ripples to appear, and the keyboard is not super-stiff. I am extremely pleased with this notebook. The only key that is too small is the right shift key. It has an even, thin bezel around the screen, which looks very nice compared to the thick, space wasting bezels on so many notebooks. Perhaps a little better than most small notebooks. Averatec underside view larger image.

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On a dark Airplane, this could easily be lowered to increase battery life. There is some flex when you mash the keys, which is something I only notice if I purposefully mash the keys.

It has a simple compact design, with nothing sticking out, a flush-fitting battery, and slightly rounded corners. Battery fits flush instead of jutting out.

Averatec 3700 Series Notebook Review (pics, specs)

Input and Output Ports: The integrated S3 graphics on the Averatec make it pretty useless for 3D games. Aside from the standard array of ports, Averatec included a mini firewire port and a 4-in-1 multi card reader.


When I first started using the notebook, the fan seemed somewhat loud and also sporadic.

If I am really careful I can squeeze a full 4 hours of battery life out, with LCD brightness at low and doing only simple tasks. This was tested with the laptop sitting on a flat surface.

Qireless underside view larger image. Viewing angle characteristics are the usual, with a better horizontal than vertical viewing angle. The fan cycled onto low speed periodically. However, when it switches speeds, it revs up to full speed for a second, which is a bit annoying.

As mentioned before, the seems plenty quick and snappy for a variety of tasks, especially for a compact notebook. The left side averatef began to heat up just slightly.

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But because they sound good even though they point directly down from the rear of the notebook! Some may like this. It might be wise to use the included LCD sleeve to protect the screen when transporting this notebook.

However, it never got uncomfortably hot. The is a great looking notebook. Still, things are much better after running the fan calibration, which I would recommend anyone do. DVDs are always fairly taxing for a system. Also, there is no latch.


A firm push on the back of the LCD will cause ripples to appear, and the keyboard is not super-stiff. Operating System and Software: If I allowed the screen to turn off, this could be even more. Perhaps a little better than most small notebooks.

The speakers definitely impressed me. It seems ridiculous when a battery sticks out the back of a notebook. It gets commendably bright, and has good contrast and even backlighting. I would have preferred that the arrow keys be compacted into one row to allow for a full sized right shift, like on Apple keyboards. Battery life is impressive, especially at this price point. Pros Attractive design Bright, overall nice screen Good use of keyboard real-estate Fairly sturdy Value!

The only key that is too small is the right shift key. The bottom was warmer than the top palm rest area.