I listened in “Listen” mode. Ayre’s marketing manager, Steve Silberman, was adamant: Instruments and performers were placed with absolute precision in all three dimensions, even at the extremes of the stage. Originally an analogue recording but released on SACD some time ago this is a spectacular piece of work when played through a DAC of this calibre. Thanks for a very entertaining magazine; one of the true highlights of the month even if most of the reviewed equipment is way out of my reach. How the Future Would Be.

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To obtain optimal sound quality from the QB-9, it needs to be supplied a native-rate datastream, as it proved far more sensitive to upstream agre and preprocessing in the computer. Recording of October My time with the Ayre QB-9 amplified my certainty that computer-based audio is not only the future, it is the here and now.

Recording of November Jitter Measurements Submitted by mav52 on November 29, – 6: When optimized in my systems, the QB-9 bested the results of the tubed DAC, but the Wavelength nevertheless expressed a beguiling midrange purity and a more forgiving nature that many suitors will prefer.

There was a palpable sense of presence, or realism, as if I were sitting in the recording studio. As with the single input this gives it all the markings of a highly purist component, rather more so than is usual for an established high end company.

Check out Lexicon’s BD How the Future Would Be.

Ayre QB-9 USB DAC Reviewed

While the Vega offers up an appealing and brightly polished sound image, the Ayre is a bit more physical, its ub has more apparent body. Arriving in a box of brown cardboard recycled and recyclable, rather than bleached whitethe QB-9 is sheathed in a thick polyethylene bag and suspended in air between two opposed “trampoline-style” frames. I suspect that with the right source you could get a pacey, taught sound out of this DAC but that would be a waste of its transparency, what it deserves is a source with minimal character as well, that way it will be able to tell you the most about the original sound.


Nor are there many microphones with any significant response this high. Tips for getting the most from Roon Software.

I have tried amplifiers and CD players in the past and always mourned their loss when the review period came to an end, so when the opportunity arose to listen to the only digital to analogue converter in the line I was very keen indeed.

The last means no dreaded op-amps. I started up Audirvana, and that was it — a far cry from the ayree days of computer audio, when pullings of hair and gnashings of teeth were essential parts of the experience. Ayre was an early adopter of asynchronous USB ajre clearly sees it as the future of digital transfer in audio systems, they have a point.

The chip’s datasheet describes it as an “advanced multi-bit sigma-delta” converter that will operate up to a sample rate of kHz with an astounding dynamic range of dB. When the Melco arrived however, things moved into another gear, now the fine detail was coming from deeper in the mix and this udb expansive sonic vistas reaching back and out from the speakers in thrilling fashion.


High-performance audio companies have begun in earnest to unleash their creativity, endeavoring to maximize the performance opportunities computer audio can provide. But the most intriguing digital product to come from Ayre was the QB-9 digital processor. In terms of preference, I could really go either way. The Ayre is unusually relaxed and effortless, its character is so minimal that it could be too restrained for some tastes.

Create new account Request new password. The Vega adds more air and sparkle. I bought a QB-9 and never looked back. Six Suites for Viola Solo.

Ayre QB-9 DSD

The soundstage was wider and deeper than I had ever heard this system. A lot of that favoritism is because, with so few players, I can distinctly hear what each is doing.

Recognizing the inherent superiority of this delivery system — at least for those who believe it better to avoid a problem in the first place than to try to fix it afterward — Ayre is the first licensee of the Streamlength asynchronous delivery system. Design Philosophy Via e-mail, I asked Ayre’s founder and designer, Charlie Hansenwhy a manufacturer exclusively known for its domestic high-end audio products had ventured into a field dominated by pro-audio companies.

But I enjoy it all the same! Their first digital product was the D-1x DVD player, reviewed for Stereophile by Paul Bolin in Februarywhich offered jsb good video performance.