Crashed into the car of Bay Darnell , caught fire and was hit by another car. He lost control, rode up the retaining wall and flipped. American Automobile Association National Championship. World Sports Car Championship. This article is about car driver deaths. Alabama International Motor Speedway.

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Hit by the car of Deborah Renshaw on the driver’s side. The Lotus Elite suffered a brake failure and headed for the escape road, only to found aeca photographer standing here, complete with tripod.

Touched wheels with the car of Willy Mairesselost control, crashed into an embankment, rolled and he was thrown into barbed wire. All-Japan Formula Championship. Cranes Combined Carrick Speedway.

Dragster was on jacks when the throttle stuck, car fell off the jack, sped off into a fence and crashed into trees: A broken radius rod caused the car to crash into a wall and he was thrown out of the car: Lonesome Pine International Raceway. Philipps – Offenhauser “Konstant Hot”. Was hit by his brother Jimmy ‘s car and was crushed under the weight.


Championnat de France de la Montagne.

Alfa Romeo Tipo B. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. European Hill Climb Championship. VI Rallye du Maroc Historique. International Championship for Manufacturers. Rosario-Santa Fe-Rosario public roads. Kurtis – Offenhauser.

Crashed into a stalled Lamborghini Gallardo.

Nick DeCarlo Tops Antioch New Year’s Day Bash

Touched the rear wheel of another car, swerved to the left, jumped over a fence and went into the crowd. Swerved to avoid hitting a wall, went into a gravel trap, went onto track again and was hit by another car.

He lost control of the car; hit a telephone pole, jumped over a brook, then the car bounced back on to the road, slid over the road, spinning, and ended up, wheels down, in a brook at the other side of the road.

Mayers would have been decarpo instantly.

He came off the wet road before Ravenna and overturned into a ditch. He lost control, rode up the retaining wall and flipped.


Durante : Andrea De Carlo :

Andrews stepped into Giuseppe Farina ‘s car for a test run, but crashed. Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4. Rallye du Maroc Historique.

He died instantly of a fractured skull and broken neck. The roof and roll cage were aca away exposing Phillps’ body to the fence and a caution light.

Right wheel got caught in a rut, car spun, rolled broadside several times and landed upside down on a chain link fence. Suspension failure caused the car to slam into the right-hand barrier and come back into the other barrier: Suffered a suspected rear-axle failure resulting in his car flipping end over end on the front stretch.

Gust of wind lifted the car up, pushed it onto outside the track and caused the car to hit a tire barrier: Rajd Krakowski variant.