I always passed this image of a barn by because it was overexposed with pale colors and skewed by wide angle perspective distortion. You may also like. All this practicality comes at a price, however: We prefer to control the scanner from the software interface, but the button is helpful when the software fails to respond. Skip to main content. Nikon rates the similarly priced Coolscan V at just 4. The manual states “PixelPolish makes automatic or custom image corrections”.

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Second, the scanner has such high detail and resolution that many are seeing for the first time the effects of poor technique. And, of course, multiple scans can take even longer. There are brightness and colour adjustments possible, but I could never get shadow detail without blocked highlights or open highlights without blocked shadows.

Ejecting the holder can be done in the software after you’ve scanned everything or just by pressing the Eject button. A couple of examples may better support this observation. Even dimsge film that is straight from the developer, there is always dust on the film.

Scanner Review: Minolta

The stand helped keep that narrower, longer unit upright. Moving film, fixed sensor, single-pass scan Image sensor: Here’s a scan of an old, uncleaned, Dimmage reversal film, glass-mounted slide taken somewhere in the Alps in about Don’t show this again.

There is some backlash in the knob control, but either method of manual focus works well. I found the dimafe strip holder a bit tricky to load, but it did an excellent job of holding the film strip flat.

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It is not clear to me whether the output file is converted to the specified output space or simply tagged with the appropriate profile.

The dimaye scanned image quality is just cream on the top.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

Pixel Polish to optimize dimag and color to suit the scene, color and contrast of each image. We can guess what it is supposed to do. You can also contact the company at Darlington Ave. The II does show some evidence of evolution, too.

One designates a spot in the pre-scan image on which to focus.

That is, the Digital ICE did a better job cleaning up a colour negative if it was scanned as a slide than if scanned as a negative.

Once done you then click on the Process button and all of these accumulated color corrections and editing adjustments are applied simultaneously and quite quickly, outputting a fully finished bit file.

On the other hand, scans of a small portion of a slide can be very much shorter. All of the images in my gallery pages have been scanned with the Minolta Exposure Control provides sliders for composite and individual channels.

I did scan all my old films with high resolution, it take me a week to finish my project. Select the frame to scan Here’s a comparison of a ScanElite scan of a Kodak Technical Pan negative left with a scan of a print made in three stages of enlargement the conventional way center and direct digital macro photo bellows with 20 mm lens of the negative right.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Slide & Film Scanner

I first chose the Scan Elite for its resolution and dynamic range. On one of my visits to the ghost town of Bodie, California, which is at a very high altitude, I brought along some Technical Ektachrome, originally intended for microscope slides, thus configured with very high contrast and saturation.

And correcting each dimension of image quality separately, reprocessing the entire file each time, is not an ideal way to finish scans if you have more than just a few images to adjust and edit. Glass mounted slides can’t be used in the slide holder. The holder would be drawn into the scanner only when scanning actually commenced.

I did encounter what I consider to be a non-critical software bug. Scanning the Ektachrome to a bit raw file and color correcting in SilverFast HDR allowed restoring the contrast and full range of densities after removing a blue cast. A copy of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements is included. There is no reference whatever dimabe the beep in the manual.