There is also an issue with the game port on this card, detailed in the linked thread above. Was a great card back in the day, excellent value and the compatibility was amazing. It seems to give popping noises on anything other than a Sound Blaster. Or does yours have an illegal OPL3 copy on it? I don’t see why not. And this is what’s been puzzling me–if you make a card that handles CF only, you can simplify the design greatly–basically all you need to do is buffer the data lines and decode the address lines. What is interesting is that this is a PnP card, but on a non PnP machine you can just give the executable some commands to setup everything.

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Whats missing in your collections? Of the three cards you mention, I’d use the based one. Instead 3D Spatializer concentrates purely on the Difference signal.

There is also an issue with the game port on this card, detailed in the linked thread above. I picked up this handsome card ews1868 and it’s the best AudioDrive I’ve found yet. All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. PnP utility will work with the card in 8-bit slot.

I haven’t had a chance to try any of the ISA AudioDrives but I’m looking forward to giving this baby a spin once it arrives. I have three in total. YouTubeFacebookWebsite.


The datasheet page one, not the little product brief indicates that configuration data is contained there. It’s an international shipment so I’m still waiting: What Tools or DOS software, to you use, to determine this?

dls It must have been late So just to confirm, the ES chip itself has 8-bit interface and works properly in a 8-bit slot. Probably worth noting that I couldn’t find any generally available though-hole CF sockets though, and that the SMT thing seems to be killing my boards unfortunately they’re available now, can’t even give them away.

ESS Technologies drivers – ESS Technologies Sound Card Drivers

I just download it today. MF ESF that has a very bare PCB and makes me think a lot of things got integrated into the chip at some point And I don’t know if the whole streamlining of the card through time is better or for worse. I like the mixer tool, it works great and makes it easy to create a simple batch file to get the card going.

Then again Wolf3D does this even on a SB.

Index of /drivers/sound/ESS/ESS1868/DOS/

I figure it’s okay to bring this up on this thread instead of making a new one. SYS driver worked best for me. What am I missing?

The on board amp can be turned off easily via jumpers. There is lots of good stuff to talk about. This card is SB Pro compatible and sounds fantastic, very clean and doe. YouTubeFacebookWebsite. I was about to give up and put the SB16 back in when I noticed this humble looking card, pulled from a junked Socket 7 machine at some time in the past and kept because it had a wavetable header: I guess it really depends on the card though, ESS being just the chip, so you’ll just have to try it and see how you get on.


It seems to give ess11868 noises on anything other than a Sound Blaster. These cards are great for both windows and dos retro gaming. There’s a bunch of others, but those are the three I see most frequently. I dug through my box of sound cards looking for a replacement and tried an: However on a PnP system, this doesn’t work! And as others have noted here there is a nasty pop when starting the PC, but these are minor ess8168 in my opinion.

It’s very quiet, the drivers are small and easy to use, especially if you like command line tools. I don’t see why not.