It has also changed Comm port number upon restarting the computer. I know that’s not much to work with. Last edited by M33P on Sat Mar 09, 6: I will add another device to the mix tomorrow: Select all Bus Device

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The alarm company tell me that the USB connection is powered from their board and doesn’t ask for anything from RPi. I edited cmdline on the SD card in another computer and managed to log in again. I booted with only the keyboard gjc232a connected, then removed it and plugged in the alarm connection, so there shouldn’t be gcu232a load on the USB. Thanks for all the work on trying to fix this problem.

IOGEAR GUCA Free Driver Download (Official) for Linux () –

This would also point into the direction that some interrupts aren’t handeled linhx their first occurence. Be sure to also do a search on the device ID number Good luck Jim. USB hub found [ 3. If so, how can I do it? Failed to read register index 0x Sep 1 This at least allows debugging of the problem, if I knew what to debug.


USB to Serial/PDA Converter Cable – GUCA Product Reviews

A single-transistor optoisolator will NOT turn on well enough. Hi, I am using Ubuntu 8. I used it with Win XP, but has software for windows and mac. Not sure as to witch one to use, have a look in the foldes gud232a see it there is a read me file or a text file. I know that’s not much to work with. The search link is on the raspberrypi.

USB->Serial cable Linux compatibility

I think this the first technical underlined article I find about the issue. My guess is that the automatic update is not working correctly, it was a bit annoying to re-install everything again in the SD card, but it was worthy.

Maybe if the routine linix called again, the status register finally shows the correct status and the interrupt is handled. As far as your GPS is concerned, plug it in, and then have a look at dmesg. It might be worth a try to send him a PM.

OSX support as well, so, I’m curious about compatibility with linux. It has also changed Comm port number upon restarting the computer. You should just be able to double click on the file, and File Roller should open and it is pretty self evident from there.


Would it help to buy a powered hub? Or do I just have to wait until the USB driver gets fixed?

My unit runs fine at MHz. If you can get USB hub 1. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email gcu232a Reviews Manager. I’m still not certain about the compatibility of Redhat with Ubuntu.

Product Drivers & Firmware

No drivers are needed for Windows XP. Is it a good idea to change the USB speed inside of my program, then reverting it after communicating with the alarm?

I think it tries to enumerate at high speed, and if that fails, it tries full speed. New USB device strings: Board index All times are UTC. Contact the site with comments or questions.