Works like a charm. This petition is a good thing… but we can do more being responsible customers: June 9, at Sharing IRQ 11 with I’m just familiar with the success of it for various hardware support.

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Someone please point me to a howto for the WMP54G on linux kernel 2. I am having trouble installing an internal wifi card. Upon rebooting, it works. Wrong buisness plan babies: Hello guys, here it is what i did to successfully install the wirless adapter on my Debian box: Wmp54gd wireless card comes on-line. I did everything you did, smoothly, until after the modprobe.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Either way, you need the following three files:. Joe on Why has God made me suffer all my life? Programmer, husband, father, singer, guitarist, tinkerer, reverse engineer, strange, and living in New Jersey. Hi, I wrote in this forum there is few monts ago that this driver ndiswrapper work but just on Is there a simple way to accomplish this? I think it is very stupid lniksys switch from the card with native drivers to card with windows drivers loaded using ndiswrapper — it is more unstable I think.


Using Broadcom Wireless-G card (Linksys WMP54G) on Linux | [email protected]

January 18, at No Hardware recognized immediately upon startup. You can probably copy the ifcfg. You may want to read the ifcfg-wireless manpage to understand what wireless-specific settings you can configure there. And guess what it only use the hardware clock. January 29, at So in anticipation of it working, this old virtual cat spirit aka JustAnUnCoolCat as i was known in the world of mp3 player support circles says a thank you for posting the outline and details of how you managed this — and hey, if i dont get no sucess.

Hello Dossy, thanks for this FAQ! Found IRQ 11 for device Having a problem logging in? I was going to post the alternative which I just updated, if the Additional Drivers option failed.

Did you test the Additional Drivers steps provided in the answer? After a registration form and a “Free trial” key.

Linksys WMP54GS with Broadcom BCM4306 chipset under Linux 2.6 kernel

This article is very good i have linjx my wireless network drives but its not full configured yet. Your email address will not be published.


But my wireless connection didnt start. We’ve tested some cool tools for IT Admins. The N likely has a different chipset than the older adapters that used the b43 firmware, so this article probably won’t help you. Broadcom Corporation BCM Works like a charm. Please Review Our Privacy Policy. Maybe someone else can share their experiences in the comments here.